Reading Half the Sky changed my life. I’d never saw the world like that - that half of our population can’t contribute to society’s economic progress due to factors related to maternal health, sex trafficking and education.

But what can we do about it?

Actions count. Whether it’s spending 5 minutes a day exercising your kegels to work your love muscles or taking 30 seconds to hug your partner and enjoy the intimate moment of the day - it’s the same for making a difference in the world.

So we decided to do our part. Women for women.

And it’s super easy for you - every purchase you make will make a difference. Part of the profits from each goodie goes towards a social cause related to sexual health, education and sex trafficking.

Because every little action counts.

Because everyone can have love and play in their life.

Did you know that $0.03 USD gives a girl in Africa a menstrual hygiene kit for a day? That’s one more day she can go to school and not fall behind.

Spread love.