With Sex and the City's praise of the Rabbit, the innovative sex tech crowdfunding campaigns, and an increase in female found brands and companies, the sexual wellbeing industry is undergoing lots of great changes over the past few years. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of crap stuff out there!

So when Lila Sutra curates content, services, and products to share with you, we follow a set of guidelines to make sure that we are providing quality, keeping with our values of empowerment, and fair business practices. We do this because it's important to us and we believe it is important to you too!

We are preparing a longer post on this in case you are curious and want to know more. For now, here is a quick summary.

What we mean by Quality products

  • Quality brand and manufacture source
  • Quality, body safe materials
  • Quality, natural and organic ingredients where possible
  • Quality design - with your pleasure in mind

What we mean by Quality content

  • Sound and accurate information
  • Experts who have a reliable background (aka know what they are talking about)
  • Information that you are interested in - let us know, we love questions and suggestions!

 What we mean by Empowerment

  • We will not carry products or publish content from brands that demoralize women and/or men
  • We will not carry products or publish content that suggest sexual inadequacy (e.g., penis enlargers)
  • We work with partners who share similar values

What we mean by Fair business practices

  • We will not buy products that copycat other brands' original designs - this is to respect the R&D efforts put into designing an innovative product. If we allow copycats to take over the market, we will eventually lose the innovative designers and their thoughtful products
  • We will not engage in a price war with other retailers - in the end, no one wins... low prices are not sustainable and if a deal is too good to be true, be wary!
  • We price our products fairly, in line with the manufacturers' suggested pricing and reflective of the cost of doing business in Singapore. We will not overcharge you.