Sexual happiness ripples happiness to every part of daily life.

Think of a time when you had super hot, passionate, amazing sex. It could have been with someone else or with yourself. And think of how you were the following day - the lightness in your step, the smile that would creep over your face when your mind wandered into daydream about that ecstatic moment. The inexplicable confidence that just exuded from your presence - as you walked down the street.

Now think of a time when you haven't connected like that for a while - either with someone else or with yourself, or both. There is a sense of something missing. It doesn't quite disrupt your daily life - but it's not the same. That sense of intimacy, sexual expression, connection, not to mention release.

Like food, exercise, mindfulness - when we are not consciously taking care of our wellbeing, we feel it - it is the same with sex. It is all part of wellness.

Sex comes in different shapes and sizes (excuse the pun) - it is unique to everyone's preference and it changes over time.

We are here to help you discover, explore and nourish your sexual wellbeing.