Have you ever wondered about how to get into the mood after a long week or how else to be more spontaneous during sex?

Are you looking to ignite new ways to experience intimacy, pleasure & passion?

Did you know that sexual happiness & confidence spreads happiness to other parts of life?

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First of its kind in Singapore, Lila Socials are private, invite only get togethers for women focused on: Knowledge, Friendships, Quality products.

We bring a curated collection of products to you and your friends so you can learn about them and shop in private. 

And as we guide you through the products, we also provide valuable knowledge for the bedroom - because it's HOW you use it that matters.

Perfect for ladies night, birthdays, showers, farewells - the list is endless.

What if I am / my friend is shy? Don't worry, Lila Socials are designed for everyone, including shy and conservative people, to have a great time. For example, purchases are made privately at the end, one-on-one in a separate room. If you have questions you want to ask discreetly, you can always ask then!

How much does it cost to book? Pricing varies depending on the type of social you would like. Contact us to find out more!


Discover great products curated especially for the Modern Woman.

Finally talk about the things you've always wondered about, without being judged.

Learn important sexual wellbeing knowledge that you should've learned a long time ago.

The best part: Have an unforgettable ladies night with your friends!