Hi I'm Erin. I dream of a world where sex, intimacy, pleasure and orgasms are no longer a mystery. Why? Because sexual happiness can be such an empowering source of confidence, pleasure and connection. These are things that, as human beings, we all desire. So it's time to shake things up and end the taboo that surrounds sex! Spread love, as our mission says.

Who I am (short version)

  • A total sex geek and have always been since I was a teenager
  • I believe everyone can have great sex - and beyond "sex", experience deep connection and pleasure in any sexual experience
  • Co-founder of the Sex Geekdom Singapore Hub
  • Formerly a management consultant / a corporate warrior for nearly a decade
  • Yoga and ice cream calm me
  • I love, love, love coffee
  • Made in Taiwan, grown in Canada - east meets west!
  • Happily (and newly) married to a wonderfully tall man

As a sex therapist and intimacy coach, I also work with clients in one-on-one sessions to explore and expand their sexual confidence and repertoire and/or address specific sexual issues. To know more, please visit me at www.erinychen.com.

Who I am (longer version)

I started my sexual wellbeing journey during my teenage years, when I quickly became the friend that my girlfriends would talk about sex with. Although I studied business in university, my passion for this area was seeded when I took an elective in Psychology of Human Sexuality. Through those years, I would observe the same patterns amongst friends and women I met - most don't know their bodies or sexuality very well and many completely ignore taking care of their sexual wellbeing (but we all know that nutrition and exercise are important!).

Added to this - I noticed that women and couples just don't have many places to get accurate information and resources about sex or communicating about sex. Yes, there are many articles and blogs out there - but a lot of it is sensationalized information.

So that brings me here. I have met many wonderful people and mentors and innovators who opened my eyes in this area. I want to do the same for you - sharing useful and inspiring knowledge & advice, bringing you products that we know are well designed, and connecting you with a community of like minded people and experts.

xx, Erin