While we believe there is nothing shameful about sex, we understand that you value privacy and discreetness. So we take extra care to make sure this is covered.

Discreet Ordering

At a Lila Social:
After the main portion of the Lila Social, you will have some time to look through our catalogue. I will be in a separate space (usually the study or a bedroom) so that you can place your order one on one with me, in private. This is so that you can ask any additional questions you have and also place your order privately.

At our online shop:
Our shopping cart is hosted in Shopify Inc. They host our ordering system, and collect your billing information directly from you for the purpose of processing your order. Your data is stored through Shopify’s data storage, databases and the general Shopify application. They store your data on a secure server behind a firewall. See our Privacy Policy for additional information.

Discreet Packaging

What will the package look like?
Your goodies will arrive in a sealed kraft paper bag.
What will be written on the package?
There is a detachable label that contains your delivery details. There is no indication or markings to display the contents inside.

Discreet Delivery

Does the person delivering my package know what I have ordered?
No. We have worked with our logistics provider to make sure that your privacy is protected. Your order is anonymous when we take the items from the shelf and pack into your bag. Once the bag is sealed, a different person will label your bag with your delivery details for the driver. The label will not detail what is inside the package.