Welcome to Lila Sutra. Our Mantra is: You Do You.

That means uniqueness is normal. That means no judgment. Give yourself permission to explore and love yourself. Our bodies change over time and that is NORMAL and WELCOMED and BEAUTIFUL. No one else knows how pleasure and intimacy feels for you, except you - SO OWN IT. There is no shame in sex. There is no shame in pleasure. Intimacy, vulnerability, ecstasy, passion, love, play. YOU DO YOU.

First in Singapore

At Lila Sutra we’re proud to be the pioneers of combining sexual wellness with pleasure products. We select the best products for our collection and offer private socials for you and your friends to shop and learn the essentials of sex and pleasure.

Sexuality is fluid. And we realised, so is business!

As business grew, so did our ideas and feedback. In 2016, we began community building activities including Vagina Monologues.

This evolution was inspired by YOU and all the people who told us they want more places to have fun and informative conversations about sex free from judgment.. We know creating a community is important to changing the norm of sex taboos.

We heard you

From our Lila Socials we know that you want more support and opportunities to work through your sex queries and challenges.This led to Erin (Lila Sutra’s founder) pursuing a Masters in Sexual Health counselling to become a qualified sex therapist & relationship coach. She realised the limitations on people's sex lives were self-imposed from our culture or past experiences and causing unnecessary distress! Read more about her story or how you can try sex therapy and relationship coaching.

So, why are YOU here?

Whether you are here to discover something new for your sex life or trying to figure out how to re-ignite it, we hope you have found here a space that empowers you.

No more feeling shady walking through black curtains to explore the world of sex toys. No more feeling awkward or blushing with shame asking a question about sex. No more sex you don’t enjoy! 

Finally, we celebrate all shades of sexuality and pleasure.

While our current focus is on women's sexuality and couples, we welcome men, trans people and everyone along the gender spectrum!

Our promises


Lila Sutra Singapore_Sexual Wellbeing Fun

We strive to create here and in our Lila Socials a space of freedom for you to freely explore the topic of sexuality and ask questions. Check out our blog or book a Lila Social for a ladies night - not only will you learn something that will add to your sex & love life, everyone will have fun in the process too!


Lila Sutra Singapore_Sexual Wellbeing Passion

We are passionate about promoting sexual awareness & wellbeing. This is more than just a business for us, and a Maven is not just a sales person. We are constantly inspired by the wonderful women we meet at each Lila Social. That is actually our favourite part - all the stories, laughter and moments of empowerment.


Lila Sutra Singapore_Sexual Wellbeing Discretion

Any information you share is private. Your purchases are also confidential and treated with discretion - each purchase is handled with care. And while there is nothing shameful with toys and the like, we understand that you may still prefer deliveries to made in discreet packaging.


Lila Sutra Singapore_Sexual Wellbeing Quality
With such intimate use, quality is very important. We work hard to select the best products for our curated collection. All products are body-safe and when possible, natural and organic. Everything is sourced directly from authorized brands and distributors with official manufacturer's warranty.